Sneakers with colored inserts

One of the top models of the 2021-2022 season. – sports shoes with contrasting inserts in blue, red, pink, black and other colors. Women’s and men’s sneakers in white with the addition of colored elements look stylish and extraordinary.

Manufacturers tend to dilute the monochrome range with contrasting shades. For example, Nike uses decorative multi-colored stitching of shoes as color inserts, complements cross-country shoes with a logo in bright colors.

The collections of the Spanish company Joma also have a choice of white models with glossy golden accents or bright accents: turquoise, pink, red, orange.

Cross-country shoes with not just contrasting inserts remain relevant, but with cool inscriptions and prints made in different shades on a light background. It looks interesting options with colored laces.

At the peak of popularity, fabric sneakers with white rubber soles are kept. The top of the shoe can be striped, printed, red or black with light laces.

Classic white sneakers

This is not just a fashion trend for 2022, but also a long-term base for your casual and sporty look. The model has not lost its relevance for many seasons in a row. Classic light sneakers or sneakers are ideally combined with skirts of different lengths, trousers, jeans. White shoes in a sporty style can complete the look and give it lightness and ease.

The iconic basketball Air Force 1, Nike Air Max 90 and other models of the famous brand are available, including in the classic white shade. Most recently, the React Live line came out in the style of Off-White.

The American manufacturer New Balance continues to experiment with models. To replace the yellow-green sneakers of the first series of the XC-72 series, New Balance and Casablanca released light shoe options. So connoisseurs of monochrome total looks will have plenty to choose from in 2022.

Bright fashion sneakers 2022

“Vigorous” acid shades of crosses are still in demand. Therefore, companies continue to please fans with bright futuristic colors of shoes 2022. For example, Puma plans to release the next generation of Ultra football shoes in Festival Fuchsia, Neon Citrus and Paris Nights shades.

Bright boots are also among the models in the collections of Mizuno, Adidas, Zeus and other global manufacturers. Turquoise blue, sour lime and grape purple, orange with splashes of neon pink are the new color combinations. Juicy shades and non-trivial combinations can enliven and dilute any image.

Sneakers with a metallic sheen

Silver, gold, bronze – such “precious” colors of the shoe pair are easily styled with different tops. Metallic is a favorite of designers, it is used not only in shoes, but also in clothes and accessories. This is one of the trendy shoe colors for fall/winter 2022. Shiny sports shoes look elegant and unusual.

Shimmering metallic to make any image shine – they think in the Puma company and produce crosses and sneakers in golden and silver shades. In the collections, you can also find artificially aged models, on which the “gilding” has significant wear.

How to choose the color of sports shoes?

Sneakers have long “stepped over” use only under a tracksuit, shorts or leggings. Sports shoes with the right combination of colors and textures fit well into everyday and even office style (if the authorities are not against informal clothing). Use the following tips so that the color of the shoes does not interrupt or get lost against the background of the rest of the elements of the image:
White sneakers are a classic of modern men’s and women’s wardrobe. These are concise and minimalistic models that look timeless. White sneakers go well with rich bright colors of clothes, and are suitable for creating a total look in one light shade.
Black sneakers and crosses will make a good look with a colored or pastel top. In addition, dark colors are non-staining, which means that such shoes are perfect for wearing in slushy weather.
A pair of colored shoes – here it is important not to overdo it and not oversaturate the image with a large number of different tones. Under bright crosses, it is better to choose a calmer top, you can have a solid color or in colors that echo the colors of the shoes.
Always consider the shape, color, and material of things before you mix and match, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting with your look too much.

You can find sports shoes in the trendy colors of 2022 in the catalog of the Ideal Sport online store. We have collected original models from the world’s best brands and are ready to advise clients on choosing the best option for your goals and budget. Questions can be asked by calling or writing to us on Telegram.