It is difficult to disagree that today the Nike brand is one of the leading representatives of the sports shoes and clothing industry.

From the very beginning of its existence, the company has strived to create not just high-quality shoes, but also one that can turn the idea of ​​​​reliable, stylish and modern sneakers affordable for ordinary people.

Now, under the auspices of the brand, several hundred exclusive models have been released that have not left indifferent neither world stars, nor ordinary buyers, nor professional athletes. Looking at the variety of models, the question involuntarily arises, how to choose Nike sneakers that are ideal for your goals.


The best way to stay healthy is to choose comfortable and high-quality shoes that fit all parameters. This is exactly what Nike does. But the brand’s designers do not forget about the stylish appearance – it is the models of this brand that today are the standard of fashionable youth shoes. Not everyone knows how to choose Nike running shoes or for everyday wear. Therefore, we decided to introduce you to the features of the most popular lines of the manufacturer:

The Air Huarache is a great example of quality casual sneakers with an original design. The models do not have a rigid fixed heel support, which makes the shoes flexible and comfortable even with prolonged wear.
Air Max – Worth picking up if you don’t know which Nike shoes to choose for running and walking. This is a classic sports shoe that has conquered millions. Comfortable, stylish, bright – they will decorate your wardrobe.
Roshe Run is the perfect shoe for the hot summer season. Incredibly light, breathable and comfortable, they will allow you to comfortably play sports or walk around the city.

The Cortez is one of Nike’s flagship running and sports shoes.

They have a sophisticated design with smooth pleasant lines, they are distinguished by good wear resistance and resistance to damage. They protect the foot from overheating and effectively remove moisture. An excellent choice for running fans, tennis or ping pong fans.
Free Run – when thinking about which Nike shoes to choose for running, many stop at this particular model. Lightness, elasticity, good shock-absorbing sole allows you to practically not feel them during classes.
Deciding to choose sneakers from Nike, you will be sure that you have settled on the best!