In today’s world, so many people are obsessed with brands and trademarks. Not everyone can afford branded clothing, and that’s when fakes come into play. Want a Gucci bag but can’t pay $2,000? And here you can get a fake one for about $50. We just want to get across that there is a market for fake sneakers and it’s a thing that’s thriving around here. Let’s get acquainted with the shadow market and how it affects everything!

How big is the market for fake sneakers?

Now this is an interesting question. The fake sneaker market is worth $450000000000. This is little more than the sneaker market itself! But why did he grow so big? The answer is not as simple as you might think. Some people get scammed and buy fake sneakers, it’s true, but it’s definitely not the only reason. Another big factor involved is the resale market. Oh, and the sneaker industry itself! First of all, the sneaker industry has been playing the exclusivity card for a long time. Companies like Nike and Adidas have discovered this power source and have taken full advantage of it. The rest of the work was done by the buyers! Let’s say a person managed to get a Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga when it crashed in 2016. They could flip it for $1000+ today!

Now, let’s say the average person wants Yeezy Beluga sneakers because they look cool. They probably won’t go down to 1000 a pair on the secondary market. This is where fake sneakers come into play. Although high end replicas are not “cheap” by any meaning of the word, but relative to the original, they are definitely cheaper. So dropping $200 on a high-end pair of Yeezys is definitely better than paying 5 times more. The same goes for Nike and Jordan sneakers!

Who makes these copies?

China has long been famous for making extremely good copies of high-end goods. Whether you want bags, clothes or sneakers, you can find it all! I mean, who doesn’t like an Abidas or Mike pair? While anecdotes are often seen, it’s not hard to spot fake sneakers if you know where to look!

On the other hand, we have so many “companies” that are dropping “true original” sneakers. By this we mean a replica of the Jordan 1, but without the strict one. So really, thanks to Peter Moore for being one of the most copied sneaker designers today. We also clearly remember Nike/Warren Lotas last legal battle over Dunks! Therefore, fake sneakers may have different names, even if they are not sold as real ones. Some designs can be misleading, so it’s actually a fickle business!

How to avoid being hit by “Sneakerfished”

We have some tips for you! These are the questions you should ask yourself before any purchase. And they actually cover a variety of industries, not just fake sneakers.

Is the price normal?

Did you find Yeezy V2 Static Black for $150? You can bet $$ that it’s fake. Finding Yeezys for retail is impossible, but you need to know what to look for. This is why we recommend doing your research before buying from the resale market.

Know Your Resellers

Before you take a risky step, buying sneakers in the secondary market, you should know the seller. Today, some websites are authorized and you can have peace of mind when buying or reselling sneakers there. And if you’re buying on other platforms, make sure you’re buying from trusted sources. Usually checks on receipt and reviews can lead you in the right direction. If you are checking some new items in the resale market, please ask for more photos. This way you can check whether it is fake sneakers or not. If you are not an expert, you can actually find detailed instructions online! The internet is truly a wonderful place.

Will the fake market survive?

As long as sneakers are in demand and some models are not available to everyone, fake sneakers will go shoulder to shoulder with the original, and they simply will not disappear from the shelves, or the corresponding Internet platforms. If you don’t mind wearing replicas and don’t care about your rep, everyone chooses their own. However, if you don’t want to be a victim of fake sneakers, be sure to keep an eye out for this. Another option would be to purchase the running shoes from the respective retail websites.