Why Choose Nike

The history of Nike footwear goes back several decades. It was founded in 1964 by American athlete Phil Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman.
Gradually, the company’s products entered the markets of different countries. After the 1972 Olympics, Nike started working with famous athletes and the company’s popularity grew.

Over the years, Nike has developed and implemented several innovations:

Waffle outsole, which reduces the weight of the shoe and increases the push when running.
Cushioning system that extends the life of the shoe.

Nike React midsole with new React foam technology that is soft and responsive.

Smart shoes with the possibility of automatic lacing, controlled from your smartphone.

Thanks to technological innovations, unique and memorable design, Nike is chosen by both professional athletes and ordinary people for everyday wear.

Popular Models

The company produced many lines of sports shoes, which later became legendary. One of them is Nike Air Max men’s and women’s sneakers.
The production of the line began in 1979. The shoes became popular thanks to the built-in special air cushion. In the late 80s, the design of the models changed: the air cushion was made visible. This had a positive effect on brand awareness.
Another well-known series of men’s and women’s sneakers – Nike Air Force – was originally produced for basketball players, and trekking boots were the basis of the design. Since 1982, the look of the shoe has changed frequently, with both low and high versions appearing.
A distinctive feature of the Nike Air Force is the high-strength cupsole outsole. Now this line is popular not only in sports, but also in pop culture.

The Nike Dunk men’s and women’s sneakers were produced in the mid-80s and designed as basketball shoes. Later, the designers finalized the model, making it suitable not only for skateboarding, parkour and other extreme sports, but also for everyday wear.
Due to the specific tread pattern, a strong grip is created on asphalt and various surfaces. Cushioning insole system, soft tongue and wear-resistant laces provide ease of movement and extend the life of shoes.
The Nike Zoom line of men’s and women’s running shoes was designed for running and athletics. Model features: air cushion in the sole and shock-absorbing inserts in the heel and toe area.
How to choose Nike sneakers
When choosing sneakers, you need to consider several important factors: purpose, season, material, design and color scheme, size and originality of shoes.
What shoes are bought for is a fundamental point. Goals can be as follows:

  • everyday wear;
  • active walking;
  • jogging;
  • workout.

Properly selected shoes will not only not harm your health, but also give you a comfortable feeling.

Nike for every day

Sneakers for walking around the city do not have to be massive. Heavy shoes will cause your feet to tire quickly. This can not only overshadow the walk, but also affect the state of blood vessels and muscles.
The width of the toe is chosen based on the characteristics of the foot – a feeling of compression in the forefoot is not allowed. Depending on the style, popular models such as classic white Nike women’s sneakers, Cortez, Force or Brazen models are suitable for urban everyday wear.

Nike for active walking

When choosing shoes for sports walks, you need to focus on lightness and comfort. It is recommended to go for a fitting or make a purchase in the afternoon: after several hours on your feet, the foot increases slightly. Therefore, Nikes chosen in the morning will rub in the evening.
For active walks, Air Huarache, Air Max 97 or Zoom are suitable.

Nike for running

Nike women’s running shoes are highly cushioned and stable due to the air layer in the sole. They protect the joints while moving on hard surfaces and do not allow the leg to move, fixing it in the desired position. The outsole of the shoe is softer and more flexible in the front.
For running, models such as Brazen, Epic React, Air Stab or Cortez are suitable.

Nike for training

Women’s running shoes for fitness and training should encourage active movement without restricting or causing discomfort. Important factors when choosing such shoes are the minimum number of seams, low weight and breathability.
The following models are suitable for gym conditions: Legend Essential, Trainer or City Rep.

Shoe size

The dimensional grid of the manufacturer has features. Therefore, before buying Nike women’s sneakers, it is necessary to measure the foot.
You should start by choosing a sock on which you plan to wear shoes. At the end of the day, the leg is placed in an even position on a sheet of paper, after which the distance from the two extreme points in front and behind is fixed. After measuring the second foot, take a larger value as a basis and check its compliance with the size in the table.

How to check the originality of shoes
To make sure that Nike sneakers are original, pay attention to a few important points:

  • quality of seams, laces and holes for them;
  • the sole should be matte;
  • the presence of information on the tag on the inside of the tongue: factory number, article, production date, batch code and unique code;
  • symmetrically depicted company logo on the insole;
  • absence of glue stains and sharp chemical odors;
  • branded box;
  • corresponding price.

During wear, it will be possible to verify the authenticity of the AIR system: in fakes, the air cushion is ineffective and is pressed through.

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