Sneakers have long ceased to be just shoes for playing sports. The daily rhythm of life is conducive to walking several kilometers. Fans of long walks should take care of the quality and convenience of the purchased shoes. How to choose the right shoes for everyday walking?

Sneakers are the perfect everyday footwear for a number of reasons:

  • designed to overcome long routes;
  • withstand a significant external load;
  • created taking into account the anatomical features of the foot;
  • represented by a wide range of models.

Good walking shoes for city walking should have a dense thick sole with cushioning, a rigid high heel for stability of the foot and fixation of the joint, and be flexible.

Running shoes are designed to tilt the body forward, which is unacceptable when walking.

How to choose sneakers for everyday walking
Requirements for sports shoes
There are several recommendations to understand how to choose urban sneakers for everyday wear:

  • choose a solid sole to protect the foot from stones, bumps on the road;
  • the heel should be strong and high;
  • for walking on rough terrain, give preference to sneakers with cushioning;
  • the presence of an arch support will prevent the appearance of flat feet and will not allow the leg to quickly get tired while walking or doing fitness;
  • opt for insoles that absorb moisture well and are easy to reach;
  • the upper part of the sneakers should be breathable, a mesh can be located in the toe part, providing the proper level of foot ventilation;
  • laces should not be untied while playing sports and moving around the city.

The type of walking determines the type of running shoes

How to choose comfortable shoes for walking on asphalt? Think about where and how you will walk. The type of walks shapes the choice of model for the goals.

For daily wear, opt for comfortable and breathable sneakers.

Choose lightweight, non-slip and ventilated shoes for gym activities and recreational walking. The main function of sneakers is to fix the ankle during sports.

Sneakers used outside the city are designed for descents and ascents, for long distances. The shoes have spikes on the sole, additional cushioning, heel and toe are made of durable material. If the sneakers have a waterproof upper, this will provide protection from precipitation and moisture.

Nordic walking should be practiced in sneakers with a flexible and embossed sole.

Pay attention to how to choose the right shoe size for walking on asphalt and outside the city. Any shoes should not press, restrict movement, cause discomfort. Don’t take your shoes close. Make a purchase in the late afternoon, when the leg fills up during the day, so as not to be mistaken with the size.

How to choose sneakers for everyday walking: recommendations for men and women
Recommendations for men and women
Give preference to branded sports stores, not markets. There you can buy high quality shoes, tailored to all standards and designed to be worn around the city and rough terrain.

Sneakers should not have a pungent smell, glue flows are unacceptable, the seams should be carefully processed.

Good lacing will ensure a secure fit for your foot.

The insole plays an important role. Well, if she freely gets out of the shoe. High quality sneakers have a dense heel counter stitched several times.

Elasticity of sneakers is provided by elastic socks. Press down on the surface, if the dent disappears quickly, the shoes are suitable for walking.

The sole should bend at the toe of the shoe. If it flexes in several places or doesn’t flex, put the shoes away.