Good shoes are always comfortable shoes. In recent years, global manufacturers have prioritized the correct construction of insoles and soles. The “breathable” parts of the shoe are important, especially if it is designed for running or long walks.

How to choose running shoes for walking or other purposes – what characteristics to look for:

  • first of all, you need to inspect the sneakers – new products must be impeccable in terms of the quality of the seams, at all joints;
  • then you need to check the inside – often dishonest manufacturers save on those details that are not immediately evident;
  • then you need to check the lacing, its quality – this criterion is important in how to choose sneakers for running on asphalt or in the gym;
  • lines on shoes – an indicator of quality;
  • a similar criterion applies to glued parts.

Choosing sneakers for the hall or the street is easier if you turn on the maximum scrupulousness. Even if the sneakers are on display and are only a sample, it will not be superfluous to examine the model. It will be of the same quality as the pair that is in stock.

Which sneakers are better to choose so as not to overpay: contrary to popular belief, it is better to go to specialized stores to buy shoes. The prices for sneakers in such stores pay off with quality that lasts a single season. It is especially necessary to pay attention to specialized stores if the question arises of how to choose sneakers for a child.

Another sign of quality is the corresponding certificates. The store must provide them. If in the case of sneakers for adults you can miss such an item, then with children’s shoes you need to remain extremely careful. Orthopedic shoes are always accompanied by special certificates.

High and low sneakers

Since the early 80s, high-top sneakers have been the norm. In the 90s they reached their peak of popularity. The most expensive models were precisely high. The well-known brand Command Force produced high models.

On the one hand, the shoes allowed for increased protection of the foot, which was a plus for the sport, but on the other hand, the larger size created more weight. Such a purchase, although it was dictated by the fashion of that time, later turned out to be not the best option. So high sneakers partially “moved” to everyday style.

Soon, studies were conducted that proved the harmfulness of individual models – their high rise simply harmed athletes. Gradually, players of different sports began to refuse high models.

A few years later, rebuttals were issued, and it ultimately came down to the fact that the choice of a high or low model is based more on intuition than on a proven basis.

In the case when you need to understand how to choose sneakers for everyday wear, the height of the model is more a matter of convenience and comfort. For example, autumn is the perfect time to wear high top sneakers. Modern basketball players often choose low models, setting new trends.

Manufacturing materials

Thanks to modern technology, sneakers are light and comfortable. How to choose fitness shoes: You can choose multifunctional shoes or running shoes. Their differences for fitness will be subtle.

The main material for the upper part of the sneakers is protective. For the manufacture of the top, a combination of materials is used, to a greater extent natural and artificial. Fashionable, running option can be:

Natural. Genuine leather is the most expensive material, it is both breathable and elastic. The skin quickly adapts to the features of the foot. The skin simultaneously holds its shape and stretches. It may also shrink due to the nature of the content.
artificial. The second option costs less, but it has a lighter texture. Faux leather can stretch and deform. The durability of the material is much lower than that of genuine leather.
Grid. Such material can be suitable for different needs. Usually based on nylon and polyester threads. Mesh shoes are lightweight and breathable.
Properly selected material immediately guarantees the main purpose of sneakers. Any official store where there is a discount provides such an opportunity – you can order various and combined models.

The manufacturer pays special attention to the quality and material of the sole. It provides different cushioning. What is the sole made of?

Philo. The material is foam, it is high strength. It is less often used for both the main and additional parts.
Polyurethane. One of the hardest materials. It is high strength. Usually used for the intermediate layer. The material allows to reduce the weight of the finished product.
Philite. Semi-rubber part, which allows you to increase the elasticity of the sole.
The cheapest material is EVA. The material is lightweight yet flexible. Despite the cheapness, the material lasts an extremely long time. EVA wear is the highest.

The main sole is also made from durable materials. It is the sole that is responsible for the level of cushioning. To date, 4 different soles are used.

BRS 1000 is a kind of rubber, more commonly used for the production of running shoes. Pure rubber is also used, which is a combination of artificial and natural material. This sole is very popular because of the low price. The outsole is durable and has good grip.

DRC rubber compound is rubber with certain additives. The sole of this material is used for the production of sneakers for walking or playing tennis. Another compound used to make the sole is called Duralone. It is derived from rubber. Due to the peculiar pores, it has good cushioning.