Smart technologies have penetrated all spheres. It’s time for sneakerheads in the sneaker world to start collecting intelligently. Collecting by hand is very hard, and relying on your sneaker resale business to grow is a losing trade. If something goes wrong, either you or your sneaker bot is to blame. But when you have a powerful sneaker bot, then it’s definitely your fault! You either don’t use it properly or you don’t give proper support to collect sneakers. And no other options!

So what is intelligent collecting?

This is when you provide your powerful sneaker bot with the correct information and create the appropriate sub-environment to run it. The following 5 tips will ensure that you manage your sneaker collection wisely.

1) Make Sure You Have a Powerful Sneaker Bot

First of all, you need to make sure that your bot is capable of meeting your needs. Whether you love Nike, Air Jordan, Yeezy, or even Off-White, your bot should be ready to go. There are so many bots to collect sneakers with! Nike bots, Shopify bots, Footsites bots, Supreme bots, and more. All-in-one bots support different types of sites and regions around the world. However, despite the fact that there are many bots on the market, not all of them are powerful and effective enough. So be sure to do your homework before you buy.

But how do you know all the good from the bad? So, a powerful sneaker bot should have the following features.

Regular sneaker collection updates with ease

The sneaker industry is always growing and getting better, but safety releases are also growing. That’s why it’s essential that the bot develops as fast as the websites! Therefore, look for bots that have a constant development strategy. It should also be able to evolve when the industry needs it. And we, NSB, make sure to keep an eye on any updates. The last one is AYCD integration!

Multiple account support

Many couples need multiple accounts. Therefore, the bot does it for you – always a good idea. I wonder if you will not have several pairs? Another benefit of multiple copies is that you can sell some pairs and keep others for your sneaker collection!

Multiple website support for sneaker collection anywhere!
Discounts are sometimes exclusive to websites. And it is not interesting to have a different bot for each site. Therefore, having a bot that supports all types of websites (Shopify, Demandware, Footsites, etc.) is a must.

A good customer support team won’t keep you waiting too long. Agents must be ready to offer assistance when the user needs it. Otherwise, the lack of support can sometimes mean shady business. Luckily, our support team is nearby and ready to answer all your questions 24/7!

Parts of success

A sneaker bot is no good if it can’t bring you shoes. After all, you are investing in a bot in order to successfully acquire a maximum, if not all, then some exclusive pairs. You don’t want to pay for something that doesn’t work. I mean who does it? Our users vouch for NSB, and so do their AJ13 Red Flint pairs!

Exclusive ways and solutions

We all want to have a bot that provides value and solutions for whatever obstacles a shoe might hit. The different modes in the boots of the sneakers are designed to target a certain type of safety. This will help you overcome obstacles and ensure a successful sneaker purchase!

Once you have a powerful bot, just follow the instructions. You also need to make sure you have the latest version of your bot. Oh, and a test run before release is also a great idea. We all want our bot to run smoothly without any surprises during releases.

2) Create a helper environment for your bot

First, you must understand how it works. As we mentioned before, even the most powerful sneaker bot can’t succeed if you don’t give it the proper support. This includes the presence of proxies and servers. This bot sneaker tutorial contains tips and tricks you need to know about proxies and servers if you want to cook successfully.

Second, it’s very important to get a Captcha Solver. The whole purpose of a good sneaker bot is not to depend on chance and luck. In turn, this depends on speed and efficiency. So why don’t we take a couple of seconds to solve the Captcha? Luckily, bots have saved you the hassle and have a built-in Captcha solver! Think back as soon as shoes or some clothes come out every second.

3) Do your research before you collect sneakers.

If you are in the resale business, you should opt for cheap sneakers that can be retailed for more. Why would you want sneakers that don’t make a useful cash flow? You need to have a broad prior knowledge of the running shoes that you are interested in. Knowing when and where they go, their price and expected resale price is very important. So please follow our blog. Whether you’re flaunting them or reselling them, it’s always best to buy sneakers at retail.

4) Connect

You should stay up to date with sneaker release dates and other release information, as well as get to know other sneakerheads or potential buyers. Join groups on Facebook and Instagram. You can also join groups on Discord or Twitter and become part of closed communities. This way you can get valuable information that is not publicly available. Being a member costs money, but the information exchanged in such groups is worth it.

See sneaker bots and follow sneaker fans on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to turn on post notifications to get the latest release information. You can also check the testimonials and success stories of various bots and determine their ability. Lucky for you, NSB checks all the items we mentioned.

5) Collect sneakers and grow your resale business

Collect sneakers, keep going crazy with shoes, grow your business.

Be sure to do your research to know how much running shoes are on the market and choose the right running shoes that you like. Raising or lowering the resale price of sneakers, selling fakes, or providing false information is a definitive no. This can make you look like a newbie in business or a potential scammer. Buyers won’t take you seriously if you do anything on this list.

Remember that the sneaker market is always changing and even Kanye West couldn’t see it. By being up to date and knowing the value of the shoes you sell, people will trust you. And they seem to become permanent if you know what you’re doing.

After that, you should make sure that you choose a convenient platform for selling your sneakers. Check out the platforms where you can sell your sneakers.