Any running shoes or sneakers for training in the gym, walking need to be cleaned in a timely manner. The main thing to focus on is the coating, as well as the complexity of the design itself. Leather products need to be cleaned more often, but are easier to clean. Leather substitutes need periodic cleaning. It is better to use special tools. The most difficult to clean are suede sneakers.

The color of the product, the complexity of its execution affects the quality of cleaning in the future. From the moment you purchase a product, you need to understand how multiple parts will complicate the cleaning procedure. Leather or light-colored sneakers are best stored in special containers or bags so that they collect less dust.

It is better to store sneakers separately from other shoes. For leather shoes, it is better to create conditions so that it does not dry out. You should not use an ordinary washing machine for expensive sneakers; it is better to give preference to dry cleaning.

The sole can often be cleaned more often. There is no big problem in cleaning, but it is better to buy a special tool. For cleaning inexpensive shoes, a regular brush will do. The bottom of the sole must be thoroughly cleaned, this procedure ensures the integrity of the sneakers. It is better to dry light-colored sneakers without direct sunlight.

Check return policy

Any store should offer favorable purchase conditions and, if necessary, a return. Such a group of goods as sneakers is not so easy to return. Shoes, like underwear, cannot be transferred from buyer to buyer.

An online purchase is not at all protected, and in most cases it will not be possible to return it. Shipping can also be costly. For this reason, it is better to immediately try on any men’s, women’s or children’s assortment in the store. The correct sequence of selection of shoes saves you from problems with returns.

Another case is if something happened to the sneakers in a short time after the purchase through no fault of the buyer. In this case, it is better for him to contact the representative of the store and resolve the controversial issue. A store that meets the needs of the buyer creates a good reputation for future purchases.


Sneakers are essential footwear in today’s world. It is comfortable, suitable for sports or walking. Sneakers are worn by children and adults, they are versatile and stylish. Manufacturers offer sneakers for every taste, different design and functionality. It is important to choose your own algorithm, how to quickly and accurately choose sneakers. This rule applies to shoes for children, men or women. Additionally, you need to take into account the features of the foot of the buyer.